Help Heal Your Eczema Using Bone Broth

The skin is the largest organ of the body. It acts as a protective barrier to the outside world. Our bodies produce a lot of the nutrients which are required to maintain the health of the skin. However, if the skin becomes compromised, like in the case of eczema, the integrity of the barrier is breached, leaving it vulnerable to bacteria in the outside world.

Why does eczema develop?

The gut and the skin are very similar on a molecular level. The gut is like a complex version of the skin on the inside of the body. When the gut is dysfunctioning and/or inflamed the skin can also develop symptoms; eczema is a common issue.
Despite popular belief, treating eczema topically (with creams or salves) is not effective. The way to treat eczema is to look inside to what is causing eczema. This is why healing the gut is how to treat eczema properly.


Here are 5 different ways bone broth can help eczema sufferers

Glycine is an amino acid found in bone broth which is responsible for synthesizing collagen and producing glutathione in the body.
Glutathione is a potent antioxidant which supports our immune system. In eczema, the immune system is attacking the skin cells, so rebalancing immune function can help relieve eczema. It is also needed to synthesize DNA and RNA and many other proteins in the body.
Glycine plays a strong role in skin healing like wounds or rashes.
Glycine can help address dysfunction in the gut like inflammation, SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) and leaky gut, which is the driving force behind eczema.
Arginine is another amino acid which has many health benefits but it is particularly good at wound healing, therefore, can be useful in healing eczema quickly. It also works to maintain the immune system and hormonal balance.
Arginine is anti-inflammatory which can help reduce the aggression of eczema and help begin the healing process.
Minerals are really important to help our body function, and they are difficult to get in our modern day diet. Bone broth is abundant in minerals which can help your body regulate.  Most importantly they are in highly bioavailable forms, so we can absorb them easily.
These minerals are beneficial for helping skin issues like eczema through reducing inflammation and regulating our cells functions to help repair the skin.
Gelatin is extremely beneficial for healing the gut, which in turn heals the skin. Gelatin seals up holes in the gut lining seen in leaky gut and reducing inflammation in the digestive system.
Gelatin is also a hydrophobic colloid, meaning it regulates the digestive juices which help us digest our food effectively. This maintains healthy function in the gut and allows you to digest the nutrients from your food.
Collagen protein
Collagen is very important for skin health. It keeps the integrity of the skin strong so that eczema can not invade the skin's surface.
It does not only help heal eczema but it will make your skin look radiant and youthful.

In conclusion

If you want to heal your eczema you are going to have to heal your gut. Bone Broth contains all the properties to be able to help the driving cause of eczema from within as well as addressing the exterior aggravation. With the high amounts of glycine, arginine, minerals, gelatin, and collagen, having bone broth in your diet every day will work to heal your eczema and prevent it from returning.