Joint Health

Our joints are something that is crucial to our movement and mobility. There can be a lot of reasons why our joints may be playing up. Maybe getting stiff, sore, inflamed, not moving fluidly. But it is easy to agree on the fact that is can really affect your life as a whole if your joints are not behaving as they should or causing you pain.
As we age, the cartilage in our joints which holds everything in place and cushions the bones starts to wear down. This happens whether we like it or not, it is just apart of the aging process. But usually due to nutrition and lifestyle it happens a lot quicker than it should, and there is a lot you can do in the meantime to slow the process down, like getting the correct nutrients in your diet to nourish this connective tissue.
Systemic inflammation is a large problem for a lot of people. Inflammation in the body is an immune reaction in the body usually caused by issues in the gut. Food intolerances are a very common one. Consuming foods you have an intolerance to will cause inflammation in the body and this can be expressed as soreness or stiffness in the joints. Also, over consuming in inflammatory foods in general, like sugar, gluten or dairy can cause the same reaction.
If you have a lack of movement or pain in your joints in can prevent you from doing a lot that is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Restricted movement can slow down your ability to exercise effectively, which can have a whole host of health effects, like lowered mood, slow metabolism, and fatigue. The problem can also accumulate, because movement is the best way to keep moving, so if you stop moving because of joint problems, movement overtime will progressively become more difficult. So, how can we get those joints moving and feeling better?
Bone broth for joint health
Bone broth, first of all, is taking the nutrients that come from animal bones. Beef bones and cartilage, in particular, are incredibly strong because of the amount of weight they have to support, therefore beef bones are very rich in the nutrients needed to keep bones strong and healthy, which is exactly what you are getting when you drink bone broth. We use only beef joints to make Liquid Gold, which means you are getting the richest part of the skeleton including the connective tissue nutrients.
Liquid Gold is packed full of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, both nutrients of which have been very well documented for having healing properties for the joints. A clinical study found that taking glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate was just as effective as Celebrex (common pharmaceutical for arthritis sufferers). Another study proved that consuming glucosamine chondroitin in food was much more effective than taking it in pill form.
Bone broth also contains hyaluronic acid. This is commonly given medically as an oral supplement for osteoarthritis sufferers or injected into arthritic knee joints to reduce pain and increase function. Studies have shown the efficiency of this treatment, however, it is very expensive. So why not just get it in your bone broth!
Bone broth contains all the nutrients required to heal the gut. Such as gelatin, collagen protein, and amino acids like glutamine. Systemic inflammation which can express as joint problems can be solved through healing the gut, and bone broth is certainly one of the best foods for this.
Bone broth is much more effective tried than read about. If you are suffering from joint pain, stiffness or lack of mobility, try having 2 teaspoons of Liquid Gold in your food every day for 1 month and see the changes it can make.
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