Training & Recovery


When you train your muscles and connective tissue experiences minor injuries which promote inflammation in the body. This eventually promotes the strengthening and growth of your muscles, but can cause more damage if the nutrients are not present to heal your tissues from the workout. This can cause muscle pain and fatigue.

Bone broth is very anti-inflammatory due to the amino acids, glycine and proline. All of which have been shown to speed up recovery and improve performance.


Joint Health

Your joints are incredibly important in your strength, mobility, and flexibility. Injuries are a lot more possible if we have poor joint health. We need to have an abundance of collagen protein.

The collagen in the broth can help supplement what has been lost, supporting healthy bones and stronger joints. Studies show that dietary collagen can even reduce joint pain in athletes.

Gelatin is another key factor in maintains joint health. Gelatin provides cushioning and ease of movement in your joints and usually is lost in joints with wear and tear. Incorporating bone broth into your diet can help keep your joints functioning with natural depletion.



Every cell in our body constantly balances their sodium levels in order to maintain hydration in our body. When we sweat we lose a lot of this sodium which needs to be replaced. Popular sports drinks are not the way to do this as they contain a lot of sugar and colors. Bone broth is a whole food, high-quality source of sodium which replaces all the nutrients that were lost in an intense workout.


Glucosamine helps to stimulate the growth of new cartilage, something that can break down and get damaged during hard trainings. It is integral for repairing this cartilage and joints, tendons, ligaments, bone, and other tissues.

Glucosamine also helps strengthen your blood vessels so it can improve your circulation and oxygen and nutrients traveling around the body.

Bone broth is the most optimal way to talk glucosamine as it contains the full spectrum of molecules which will improve your absorption of the compound. Also, usually supplement form of glucosamine has undergone high heat processing which damages the nutrients.

Omega 3 DHA Fatty Acids

Your nervous system is what is getting trained when you are training your muscles and it is very important to support the nervous system with the right nutrients. Omega 3 fatty acids are like food for your nerves and will improve not only your training but also your mood and mind.

Amino Acids

The whole array of amino acids are used in training to rebuild tissues, lower inflammation, improve tone and function of the who muscular system as well as helping you to recover from your workouts.


Magnesium has so many functions in the body which will help your training. The most important being that it can strengthen your bones by protecting the channels where calcium enters the bones, meaning if you do not have sufficient magnesium in your body your bones cannot absorb calcium.

Magnesium is involved in many regulatory systems required for muscle, nerve function, glycolysis, and energy production.

Other nutrients to help your training