Frequently Asked Questions

Is Liquid Gold vegan or vegetarian?
Far from it. Liquid Gold is made from beef bones. However, we are using a waste product of the animal industry to make something extraordinary for us humans. The bones we source are also from organic, local, grass-fed & happy cows and usually, these bones end up in landfill. If you're worried about the environmental impact, we're doing our bit to help with waste from the meat industry. 
Is Liquid Gold allergy free?
Absolutely! Liquid Gold as two ingredients - beef bones & water. So unless you are allergic to either of those two things you will A-ok.
How do I store Liquid Gold?
While the jars are still closed, store them in a cool dark place. Away from heat and direct sunlight. Once the jars have been opened store them in the fridge for up to 10 days.
Because this is a fresh food product, all sales are final, we do not offer returns or refunds.
We ship in the Netherlands. We offer free shipping with a subscription. You can expect your order within 10 business days (usually a lot sooner)
Why is it only sold in month supplies?
Bone broth is about healing your insides. To see true results it is the best idea to try Liquid Gold for at least a month.
If you want to make sure this is for you we offer you to buy a one-week trial jar. Just to give you a taste of what is to come. 
How long will it take to see results?
Everyone is different, and it depends on the reason why you are using Liquid Gold. We have has people call us the next day with a difference others have taken a month or longer to see the true results, but it is all worth it.
Where can I buy Liquid Gold?
At the moment the easiest, sweat-free place to buy Liquid Gold is right here on a non-committal subscription.
We are looking into the options of retail spaces to have Liquid Gold on offer.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept MasterCard & visa as well as payments through PayPal and ideal
Subscription Renewals
Every 30 days, you will receive a subscription renewal confirmation email, which indicates that you have been charged for a renewal order that is being processed and will ship within 48 hours. Liquid Gold will not grant a refund/cancellation once a renewal order is being processed or has already shipped.
Subscription cancellation
You can cancel your subscription at any time. However, we will not grant a refund/cancellation when a renewal order is placed, is being processed, or has shipped, which occurs automatically every 30 after signing up for your subscription.
How to cancel your subscription
Log onto your account on our website, click manage my subscription.