"I use Liquid Gold daily to aid my recovery between training sessions throughout the week. The positive effects on my joints and muscles are one of many of the awesome benefits of the product. Now also easier to use in the new jar it has become a supporting pillar in my recovery process.”
Thom - Personal Trainer, Strong First Certification 1 & 2



"Liquid Gold is amazing. Within the first 10 days of taking it, my stomach has never been calmer and my skin cleared up! I really look forward to what is to come." 



“The reason why I use Liquid Gold is because of the large amount of nutrients it contains. Gelatine, collagen and amino acids are hard to get in my diet through other foods. These nutrients help me with my training and recovery. I use Liquid Gold every day in almost all my recipes like curries, soups and also in an omelet. I immediately felt a difference in my digestive system and my energy. I want it to be apart of my regular routine.”

Peggy - Dietician

“There is nothing like Liquid Gold in my morning coffee to start my day. It provides me with all the energy I need for my mind and body to function optimally”


“It has been 3 months since I started using liquid gold. It goes into my smoothies, rice, I even drink it as a broth with some herbs for a snack. It keeps me full. My energy is stable throughout the whole day. I no longer have a bloated belly and I feel lighter. I recommend it to anybody that wants to look good from inside and out!”

“Around my twenties I started to have allergic symptoms, including hay fever. Recently, I also developed eczema on my face, hands and feet. I strongly believe in the power of nutrition as remedy, therefore Liquid Gold seemed like a good option for me.  I already started noticing the difference after drinking my first cup. My skin softened, got less red and less itchy. The broth has a gentle taste and is so easy to use. It also is amazing at preventing sugar dips after lunch and breakfast”


“In my sport, power to weight ratio is incredibly important.

I needed to lose some weight in order to improve my performance and used Liquid Gold to do so. Not only did I lose all of the extra weight very quickly but I noticed a huge difference in my training and my performance. I will never go without it again.”