About Bone Broth

Bone Broth is an ancient remedy for almost everything.

Today is the most powerful gut healing remedy.

And, now Liquid Gold has made is available and easy to make apart of your life.




Bone Broth contains all of the ingredients required to heal your gut for good. 

Gelatin soothes the mucosa of the gut lining which can become inflamed and irritated with poor gut health.

Amino Acids especially glutamine rebuild the gut lining where holes could be if you are suffering from leaky gut syndrome. Once this is healed no more bacteria which isn't suppose to be let into your blood stream will be kept out by your gut.

Collagen is abundant in bone broth, especially Liquid Gold because we make the most concentrated bone broth. Collagen helps to strengthen the integrity of your gut lining to help retain pre and probiotics that balance your microbiome.